Friday, February 15, 2008

Later Round picks

Rnd5: Sean Gallagher (Cubs) Starting pitching prospect.

Rnd6: Jonathan Meloan(Dodgers): Hard-throwing closer prospect.

Rnd 8: Gary Glover(TBay): Not much of a future, but an reliever who can give the Dead some innings.

Rnd 10: Eric Patterson (Cubs) is 24 and had a good year in AAA. He gets on base, runs well, and has pop in his bat. He misses team meetings and probably has a bad attitude, but Ewing thought it was worth it to sign him to Chinese and see if he can turn it around. This draft of a non-pitcher here stops the streak of China taking right-handed pitchers 7 consecutive times!

Rnd 11: The Evil Dead pick up a dead person in Joe Kennedy(Heaven). Kennedy died last year, and Ewing stupidly signed him to a two-year contract yesterday. He is a lefty who will pitch out of the bullpen

Rnd 12: Evil Dead pick up 1b prospect Joe Koshansky (Rockies). Koshansky hit for good power in the minors and the Evil Dead are glad to see him still available in Rnd 12

Rnd 13: Dennis Sarfate(Orioles) is drafted, a hard-throwing closer type guy.

Rnd 14: Richard Thompson (Angels) future closer type

Rnd 15: Anderson Hernandez SS (Mets): The Dead finally take a back-up to Khalil Greene.

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