Friday, February 15, 2008

Round 1: (Yes, Alex!) Alex Gordon!!!!

15Feb08: Evil Dead take Third baseman Alex Gordon with the 4th pick in the 2008 PTBL draft.

When the Chinese Evil Dead had made the short list of top prospects coveted, Thirdbaseman Alex Gordon stood at the top of the list. There was no player Ewing wanted more than Alex Gordon. The Dead figured Gordon would never slide to the 4th slot, but then the day became a 'Festivus Miracle'! Manager Mark Ewing likes his left-handed bat, his fielding ability. "He has power and speeed, always an Evil Dead requirement", said Ewing. Frank Lalonde already had his nickname waiting for him: The Base Dong.

Alex was happy to go to China. They are a terrible team, and I knew I would end up going to some rotten team. "I remember watching them on the TV and they were getting crushed, but I like those red hats with the stars on them."

Right now Gordon is on his way to Ludington to play A-ball. He is expected to go through the minors relatively quickly, and perhaps even get up to China by the year end. Fans will be waiting.

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