Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Possible Breakout player in 2008?

Jeremy 'The Grazed Ham' Hermida
There's an expectation that comes with being a first-round Draft pick, a tag slapped on a player from his first days as a pro. If nothing else, these guys are supposed to be good. Real good.

So when Hermida struggled through each of his first two seasons in the big leagues, the criticism was inevitable. Forgotten were the injuries or the fact that he was just 21 years old when he broke into the Majors. All that mattered were results.

"It definitely didn't turn out like everybody expected it to," Hermida said last spring. "But all that stuff ... it's in one ear and out the other in my book."

He was right. Though still hobbled by a knee injury in the early part of 2007, Hermida rebounded with a .340 average and 10 home runs after the All-Star break. And with all those expectations now rekindled, there's little reason to believe he can't do it again. "The 'Grazed Ham' could be our DH this year", clucked Ewing.

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