Monday, February 4, 2008

Dustin Pedroia: New Second Baseman for 2008?

It is early yet, but Dustin Pedroia (2e8) looks to be the new starting second baseman for the new 2008 season. Pedroia, 24, hit .119 in 59ABs for the Dead in 2007. He attended Arizona State in college, and was a 3rd round pick by the Evil Dead in 2007. Joe Inglett (.247 3HRs)had 231 ABs last year as the primary starter, but has been released. Kevin Frandsen had 29 starts at 2B last year. Abraham Nunez (.174 1 HR) played some at 2b last year too,but will probably move back to backup third baseman. The youngster Pedroia looked good last year when he played at AAA Tibet. "I think he could really fit right in now", said Manager Mark Ewing. Pedroia picked up his new nickname from Frank Lalonde: The Creeping Penguin. "I don't like the name so please do not call me that", said Pedroia.

"With a good spring, the 'Creeping Penguin' could crack the starting line-up", said Ewing.

In other news, Chris Young, 2(-1) e7, could see some playing time in CF. He was the Evil Dead's 2nd round pick in 2007, Juan Pierre has been the CF for the last 4 years, but his Defense(from a 2 to a 3) has slipped and he may be traded. Shane Victorino,1(-3)e5, could take over for Michael Cuddyer, 3(-2)e5, in RF. "Victorino has looked extremely good on D, and I may move Cuddy over to DH/1b," said Ewing. LF may have Franklin Guttierez 2(-1)e7. Keep checking here for more exciting moves. Tune in to listen to Evil Dead games on the radio on WFRT.

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