Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Round 3 and on: Dead Continue to stockpile bodies

Round 2 (from trade with Missouri) Evil Dead take Lou Marson, a catcher from the Phillies system. He lacks big power, but is projected to be a pretty good hitter, and pretty good catcher. He has trouble speaking English.

Round 3: Evil Dead take another catcher in Max Ramirez. Ramirez can flat out hit, but his defense is terrible. Hopefully he can still learn to catch, otherwise he will be pushed to another position.

Round 4: Dead draft SS Ben Zobrist. Zobrist is expected to play SS on days when Khalil Greene is unable to go. Zobrist makes up for his 4-range fielding with a good power card. "He will be pretty good coming off the bench," says Mark Ewing

Round 5: Chinese take a chance on reliever Jose Mijares from the Twins. Only 10 IPs were logged in last year, but Ewing sees him as a possible good set-up man in the future. Good fastball, good slider.

Round 6: Sean Rodriguez, INF-Angels: 23-yr old prospect shows some power and Defense. Dead scouts could not pass him up.

Round 6B: Ryan Speier: Rlf Pitcher, Col: age 29. Evil Dead think he could be part of the relief corps, if he keeps the ball down.

Round 7: David Roberston, Pitcher-NYY: age 23: Robertson is only 5'11", but wracks up the strikeouts with a low-90's cutter. Ewing keeps on perfecting the bullpen.

Round 8: Craig Monroe: DH-type, Craig is a former Twin who blasts LHPs with ease. Ewing thinks there is a spot on the bench for the Craigster. And to think Ewing used to berate him for his stupid golf-like swing....

Round 9: Tyler Clippard: Pitcher-Washington: 24-yr old: probably a bit of a reach for the Evil Dead. Clippard hasn't shown great control, not even in Tibet, but he gets strikeouts and if he can fix a few things, he could turn out pretty good.

Round 10: Travis Denker: 2b-SD, 23-yr old, bats R: pretty good hitting stats in the minors, and he was rushed to the majors....but he may top out as just a utility guy.

Round 11: Bobby Korecky: Rlf Pitcher, 29-yrs old: Bobby had been wracking up a lot of saves for the Twin's Triple-A team, and Ewing thinks he may get a major league job now that he has signed on with Seattle.

Round 12: R.A. Dickey: RH Pitcher, 34-yr old: Dickey is currently trying to catch on as a reliever for the Twins. Ewing used to coach knuckle-baller Tom Candiotti, and now Dickey is trying to see if he can master the pitch. "I am rolling the dice on him," said Ewing. "This is his 2nd stint on the Evil Dead."

Round 13: Chris Carter: OF/1b: 26-yrs old: Carter showed tremendous power potential and drew many walks in AAA. He strikes out at an alarming rate. "He's a long way from the majors, but we will see if he keeps improving", said Ewing.

That is it! The 2009 baseball draft is done for the Evil Dead.

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