Monday, February 9, 2009

Evil Dead Shocker: Pitcher David Price drafted with 6th overall pick

(Chinese) Manager Mark Ewing was never afraid to tell anyone who would listen that he would "never draft a pitcher in the first round". He also would exclaim that he would "never use a left-handed starter". With all the 'experts' penciling in OF Travis Snyder to be the next Chinaman, it was David Price who was called upon to be the future of the Dead pitching staff.

Born in 1985, David Price attended Vanderbilt University, he has a great fastball AND a great slider. Mark Ewing knows the pick is a bit risky. "I could get chased out of China with this pick, but I don't think I will. Price is elite, he is an amazing pitching prospect, I just had a gut feeling that this is the guy I should take."

David Price will be known as: "Black Friday" according to Frank LaLonde.

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Frank 'Wizard' LaLonde said...

I understand he throws very well...for a left-hander.