Monday, April 28, 2008

Evil Dead have Divisional games for May

The 11-13 Chinese Evil Dead have 30 games set for May, all versus their divisional opponents: 10 games each with: The 11-13 Blaze, The 15-9 North Queen Spartans, and the tough 17-7 Missouri Fightin' Farmers.

Roster move: Willie Mo Pena is sent down to Tibet, to make room for rookie P Kevin Slowey. "I need more options out of the bullpen", said Manager Mark Ewing. Slowey gives up the long ball, but with games at Royals Stadium and RFK Stadium, we could keep it to a minimum."

When asked how the Dead plan to keep improving, Ewing said, "I need Pedroia to start hitting, otherwise I'll keep Upton butchering things over at second base. KGreene better start driving the ball too, Kevin Fransden may get a look at SS, we need guys to hit and drive in runs."

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